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How to use your old Android phone as Wi-Fi only device

Your new smartphone has arrived, and while you were using it, you glanced at your old phone and realized it was still in working condition. Well, there is a way to use your old Android phone as Wi-Fi only device.

Not only that, some Android phones will have issues picking up mobile signals, and hence it’s better to convert them into a Wi-Fi-only device.

Read along to find out how you can convert your Android phone into a Wi-Fi-only device.

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How to use your old Android phone as Wi-Fi only device

How to use an old smartphone as a Wi-Fi device

Using your old smartphone as a Wi-Fi device is very simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Take off your SIM card.
  2. Turn on Airplane mode.
  3. Now, turn on Wi-Fi and connect it to a network.

That’s it! You have now turned your Android phone into a Wi-Fi-only device.

Other than this, you can also reset your phone so that the device will perform better and then repeat the same steps.

You can also uninstall any unwanted apps on your device and install a good launcher to make your old Android phone run faster and better.

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How to turn your old Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot device

Other than making it a Wi-Fi-only device, you can also use your old Android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot device.

With this, you can connect your new smartphone to it and save battery life and prevent heating while using a cellular network.

  1. Insert a SIM with an active mobile data plan into the old Android phone.
  2. Open settings and tap Network & Internet.
  3. Tap Hotspot & tethering.
  4. Now tap the Wi-Fi hotspot option and turn on the toggle.
  5. Connect your new smartphone or other devices to this network.

Depending on your Android smartphone brand and software version, some of the steps may vary but will be mostly close to the one mentioned here.

You can also set a password for your hotspot to prevent others from accessing it.

Frequently asked questions

Can you use a deactivated phone with Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can use Wi-Fi on a deactivated phone. Even if your sim is deactivated or the device is, you can access the internet if you connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

How can I access the internet on my phone without cellular service?

Despite not having an active internet plan, you can connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and continue using internet services without any issues.

That’s it!

Even though getting a new device is great, leaving our old one would be heartbreaking for many.

If your old phone is still working without any issues, then you can consider using it as a Wi-Fi-only device for the long haul.

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