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How to Auto Track Your Anime Shows & Manga

Nowadays, every anime show has at least twelve to twenty-four episodes with multiple different seasons and OVAs. So, it’s becoming hard to keep track of your favorite anime shows and manga.

That’s why we have listed easy-to-use tools for you to automatically track your anime shows and manga.

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How to Auto Track Your Anime Shows & Manga

How to Automatically Track Anime Shows and Manga

To help you ease the stress of remembering anime episodes to continue watching, there are multiple tools available.

Some weebs love to download their favorite show and watch it on an offline media player whereas others watch it online.

We have multiple solutions for both types. Firstly let’s see some tools for offline manga and anime lovers.

Tools for Tracking Manga and Anime Offline

If you also love to binge-watch anime offline like me, these tools are best! Streaming offline ensures there are no interruptions and the video quality is superior.

1. Shoko

Shoko Desktop

Shoko provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for offline anime and manga lovers. It takes less than 5 minutes to install with its quick setup. There are different types of plugins and set-ups to access your data with a client-server architecture.

Besides, you can even remotely access their Shoko account with built-in Web UI without having your PC. Also, Shoko comes with a built-in media player which can help you to auto-track your anime shows more systematically. Although you also get minimal file management support.

This tool uses AniDB to find the match for your anime and manga. So, after finding the correct match, Shoko starts adding all necessary information related to the anime whether it’s episode information, character information, related shows information, etc.

Price: Free

2. Taiga


Taiga is another platform to organize anime and manga shows on your Windows PC. It has the biggest database for different types of anime in multiple genres and has access to top anime libraries. But you must create your account on those libraries for the necessary information.

The best part of this software is it can detect anime shows from some online platforms like YouTube, Animelab, Anime Digital Network, etc., and all kinds of windows media players. To make it easy for users it has a flexible session chart.

You can filter your favorite shows with genres and create your unique collection with just some simple clicks. That’s not all! You can share your watchlist with your friends via discord, Twitter, and other sharing platforms.

Price: Free

3. MAL Updater

MAL Updater

MAL Updater comes with the simplest user interface for automatically tracking your anime shows and manga with the help of MyAnimeList. Though it doesn’t have many features, it still does its work smoothly.

The tool can detect shows you’re watching on your media player and create a list with full details in your MyAnimeList library.

As it is connected to MyAnimeList, you can trust the information. Besides, if you want to know about any other shows you can search for them through the tool itself. MAL Updater also has a free theme store.

Here you can download different kinds of themes to get the vibe of real anime and manga lovers. Whether you love romance, thrill, or comedy all types of anime information are available on MyAnimeList. So you don’t have to worry about managing your collection.

Price: Free

Tools for Tracking Manga and Anime Online

Right now there is only one tool available for automatically tracking anime and manga. Hopefully, we might see some other options as well in the future but right now you can go with this one.



You can install this one-of-a-kind tool for tracking your anime and manga from the Chrome Web Store. It’s ideal for people who love to watch anime and read manga from multiple online platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Prime Video, and many more.

The full list of online platforms is available on their website. MAL-Sync is also integrated with all popular anime libraries like MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, and Simkl to gather information related to your anime and manga.

It’ll automatically add the anime you start watching and reading manga to your collection and also manage the progress of your data. Moreover, you can even read the reviews of the anime you’re going to watch for a quick decision.

The tool can even suggest you some similar anime as well according to your current watching list. If you’re using different browsers like Opera, Microsoft Edge, and any other. You can still use MAL-Sync with the help of the Chromium codebase.

Final Words 

Offline tools can track your anime progress and create lists from anime library websites but they can’t track your anime from websites like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, or any other big anime platforms. 

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However, MAL-Sync is the only option available right now which can track your anime and manga from any big and small website. Also, it can track your anime from a media player as well.

If we find any better option we will surely update this list in the future.

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