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How to restore deleted or missing contacts in Yahoo Mail

Being able to save and access our contacts alongside our mail is an excellent feature provided by one of the oldest service providers, Yahoo. Yahoo has a robust set of features available to us at our fingertips. Some of them are:

  • A massive amount of storage for Yahoo account holders.
  • Import contacts from various websites.
  • Print the entire list of contacts.
  • Automatic backup feature to keep those contacts safe and accessible.

With all the benefits that Yahoo Contacts offers over any normal contact list, there is still a chance that we may lose our contacts.

It can be really problematic to suddenly lose a list of both work and personal contacts. This article talks about a few simple steps that can help one restore their Yahoo contacts within a heartbeat.

How to restore deleted or missing contacts in Yahoo Mail

Steps to restore Yahoo contacts

One can lose their contacts due to a number of reasons. A hacked account, accidentally deleting the list, or a glitch in the system can be fatal for our contact list. In the event of something like this, we can easily get our contacts back by following these steps:

1. Go to mail.yahoo.com and log in to your account.

2. Tap on the contacts icon on the top-right of your screen.

Yahoo Mail

3. Click on “Import Contacts.” Once you go to the contacts tab, a list of all contacts, including sub-divisions like LinkedIn, Gmail, and other accounts, can be found in the menu.

4. Select your desired contacts.

5. Select all the contacts you want to restore by clicking the checkbox beside them.

6. Click on “Restore from backup.”

That is it! Follow these steps, and you should be able to restore your individual Yahoo contacts. This process sometimes does not work on the first attempt. But this is the fastest and easiest way to do so, so even if it does not help you get back your contacts the first time, trying again may help.

If you want to restore your entire Yahoo contact list in one go, we have a different solution for that as well. Just follow the steps below, and you can have all your contacts back in no time.

  1. Login to your Yahoo account.
  2. After logging in, you will be able to find the contacts icon on the top-right side of your screen.
  3. Select the Actions option.
  4. Choose “Restore from backup”.
  5. Once you click on Actions a list of available actions will pop up on the screen.
  6. Select the date from which you want your contacts back.
  7. Click Restore.

With this, you are all done. You can have the entirety of your contacts list back within a few minutes. The restore feature from Yahoo is a god-sent tool to make sure you never lose those precious connections.

With Yahoo Contacts, you can save up to 5000 contacts in a single location. Now, with this tutorial in hand, we can assure you that your contact list is safe.

An interesting feature of Yahoo mail is that it automatically adds contacts to your address book for each individual or organization you send an E-mail to. This can have helpful applications while using the mailing service. This, with many other features, makes the switch from a general contact list to Yahoo contacts worth it.

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