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Best Desktop Widgets for Mac in 2024

macOS Sonoma has brought tons of changes to Apple’s operating system. This update has introduced Stage Manager and new widgets, which are different from the ones seen in the previous version of macOS.

Widgets can be really useful since they highly increase your productivity and help you personalize your computer to make it your own.

They can also help you quickly access your favorite apps and use their important features.

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For example, if you wish to check the weather quickly, then you can simply use the widget instead of opening the Weather app. This can save you time as well as enhance your productivity, making multitasking more seamless.

So, we have compiled a list of the best widgets for macOS 14 Sonoma. Make sure to check them all out, and tell us about your favorite ones in the comments section.

Best Desktop Widgets for Mac in 2024

Best widgets for macOS Sonoma

Color Widgets

Color Widgets

Color Widgets has a large collection of widgets available that you can customize according to your liking.

You can change the font, design, and colors of the widgets to your liking.

It also offers a nice variety of backgrounds with the option to use your own photos to have a more personalized experience.

You can download this app for free, but you will need to pay $5 to unlock all the widgets.

Download Color Widgets



Widgy is another widget app that provides tons of features and lets you customize the notification center according to your preferences.

The app offers a wide range of inbuilt widgets, and you also get the option to create your own widgets. Its widget editor allows you to design your own widgets with ease.

So, if you are new to creating widgets, you will be able to design some cool widgets without much trouble.

Download Widgy

AirBuddy 2


The lack of a battery indication on macOS can be pretty annoying since Apple provides this functionality on iPhones.

Most Apple users are aware of how hard it is to monitor the battery life of different devices in their house, so AirBuddy 2 is here to fill this gap.

The user interface of the widget is similar to that of an iPhone, and it lets you track the battery status of Airpods, Airpods cases, and Airpods Max, as well as your own device.

This can be a pretty nifty app for those looking to monitor the battery life of all their Apple devices from one place.

Download AirBuddy 2

MD Clock

MD Clock

Fancy a digital clock on your home screen? Check out MD Clock.

It features a wide range of digital clocks, each with a different sound and visual effects.

You can choose the clock that fits best with your customizations.

Download MD Clock

Dash Dot Dash

Dash Dot Dash

Dash Dot Dash is another widget app that is simple and easy to use. It allows you to create your own collection of widgets on Mac.

The built-in widget editor is easy to use, and you can mix and match widgets to create something new.

You can also use this app to add photos to any widget, calendar, sticky notes, or shopping list.

Download Dash Dot Dash



The WaterMinder app will help you stay hydrated and keep track of the water you have consumed throughout the day.

The widget is available in different sizes and will show a visual representation of your water consumption.

Each size has different visuals and has been creatively represented. This widget will remind you to drink water at regular intervals and help you stay hydrated.

It is a highly recommended widget if you want to contribute towards a healthy lifestyle.

Download WaterMinder

Exchange Rates 3

Exchange Rates 3

This is a must-have widget for all business professionals, marketers, and people who actively trade in stock exchanges.

This app can convert all the important currencies in the world, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Choose the currency you prefer, and you will be able to see the real-time conversion rates.

All the rates are updated automatically, so you don’t have to worry about anything. It also works offline, so you can use it without an active internet connection.

The interface is simple and user-friendly, making it accessible to everyone.

Do note that it is a currency rate monitoring app, and you cannot trade currencies with it.

Download Exchange Rates 3



If you are someone who buys everything online, then Parcel might be the perfect app for you.

It allows you to track details of your delivery across 300 different services, including Royal Mail, DPD, Parcelforce, Hermes, TNT, FedEx, etc.

You can use the widget to keep track of all your packages simultaneously.

The app will track the package on its servers and notify you on both iOS and macOS devices.

You can enable push notifications, so you don’t have to worry about tracking packages. This is a pretty useful widget if you order most of your stuff online.

Download Parcel



This is a pretty useful online dictionary that lets you find the meaning of any unknown word you come across.

The widget is easy to use and also displays the word of the day with an illustration.

You can check the definition, synonyms, uses, and adjectives for any word using the widget.

It is a really good app since it lets you learn new words and improve your vocabulary.

Download LookUp



CardPointers is a blessing for those who are looking for discounts online since it can save you money.

The widget provides four customization options: Available Offers, Best Card to Use, Best Cards By Category, and Card Summary.

Each of these options is available in small and medium sizes. Choose the one you like and check them out before you decide to use your credit card.

It is a pretty useful app if you shop a lot online since it will save you money and time.

Download CardPointers

Widget Art Gallery

Widget Art Gallery

Widget Art Gallery offers over 10,000 beautiful works of art, providing an artistic touch to your notification center.

You can explore a large variety of special arts and create a list of your favorite ones to display in the notification center widget.

While the app itself is free, you will need to pay $5 to access all the widgets available in its collection. Do check this out if you are an avid art lover.

Download Widget Art Gallery



Countdown might be the perfect widget for you if you are looking for something to keep track of events.

It contains a number of timers with support for different unit options like hours, days, weeks, etc.

This is a pretty useful app if you need to set a countdown for any event.

Download Countdowns

How to view widgets in macOS

To view widgets in macOS Sonoma, click on the date and time shown in the top right corner of the menu bar. Doing this will open the notification center, where all the widgets will be visible.

How to view widgets in macOS

You can also do a two-finger from the right edge of the trackpad to open the notification center in macOS.

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How to add widgets in macOS

  1. Click on the time & date shown in the top right corner of the menu bar to open the notification center.
Click on date & time

2. Scroll down and click on the Edit Widgets button.

Click on Edit Widgets

3. Choose the app from which you want to add a widget. Many apps offer widgets in multiple sizes, such as small, large, and medium. Select the size of your choice.

Choose widget

4. Hover your cursor over the widget, and you will notice a small “+” green icon in the top left. Click on the icon to add the widget to your Notification Center.

Add widget to Notification Center

That’s it. You have now successfully added a widget to the macOS Notification Center. Now, go ahead and customize your notification center to your heart’s content.

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