How to Enable and Customize Dark Mode in Windows 10


The dark mode is probably the most significant update that Windows 10 received this year. Windows 10 might be late to hop on the dark mode bandwagon, but this upgrade was worth the wait.

After using it on every application possible, it’s hard to even think about going back. Mobile devices have had it for ages, and currently, dark mode for Windows makes switching from one device to another far better and smoother.

It makes the experience seamless while switching to different screens with dark mode enabled on them. So in this guide, we will show you how you can enable dark mode on your Windows 10 computer.

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But before we get started, make sure you have at least installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (August 2016); otherwise, you won’t see the dark mode options. Now that you have your operating system updated, it’s time to switch to dark mode.

How to turn on dark mode in Windows 10

  1. Head over to Settings and click on Personalization.
  2. Go to Colors and choose Dark from the “Choose your color” drop-down menu.
enable dark mode.

3. That’s it; now, dark mode is enabled on your computer.

Furthermore, select the Custom option to have a different look for your apps and operating system. Here you can have a light theme for apps, dark for Windows, and vice versa.

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How to turn on dark mode automatically in Windows 10

It’s possible to switch to dark mode automatically based on the time of day, but for that to work, you will need to install a third-party app called Auto Dark Mode. Just follow these simple steps to activate dark mode automatically on Windows 10.

  1. Download and install Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode.
  2. Enable “Enable automatic theme switching.”
Auto Dark Mode

3. Choose “Set custom hours” and specify the period for which you want light and dark mode to turn on. You can enable the “From sunset to sunrise” option, but it will require location permission to work.

4. Further, we can have custom settings for our apps and system, which can be customized under the “Apps” tab.

Most Microsoft apps support dark mode on Windows 10, but the same can’t be said for other third-party applications. You can check the app’s settings to see if it supports dark mode or not.

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So that’s how you can activate dark mode on Windows 10 and customize its look.

P.S. dark mode update has been my favourite on Windows. Do you guys have dark mode enabled on your devices too? Or is it only me who has all of his devices look dark all the time? Tell me in the comment section below.

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