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YouTube Restores HD Streaming in India, but only on WiFi

Desperate time calls for desperate measures.

Back in March, YouTube restricted video playback quality to 480p on mobile devices in India. They took this drastic measure to ensure the servers can handle the sudden increase in internet traffic due to the nationwide lockdown in the country. Since then, users have had no option but to watch YouTube videos of only 480p quality on their mobile screens. Hence, many Indian users started looking for unofficial alternatives like NewPipe/YouTube Vanced to watch videos in full quality. But now it seems like YouTube is finally re-enabling HD streaming in India.

Users can now stream videos in 1080p on their YouTube Android or iOS app. But there is a small catch here; it only lets you switch to 1080p if your device is connected to a WiFi network and won’t work with a mobile hotspot. There is no need to update the YouTube app to make this work. However, make sure you are using the latest version of the app if you have not updated it yet.

To watch videos in full quality on mobile, connect your device to a WiFi network, and select 1080p in Quality settings. However, some Twitter users report that they can watch HD videos on their mobile devices without being connected to a WiFi network. We are yet to receive an official confirmation from YouTube about this update. We will update this article once YouTube confirms it. Hence, stay tuned.

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