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How to boost WiFi signal strength on your smartphone

The Wi-Fi network in the house has now become an integral part of our life thanks to initiatives like work-from-home, making us more dependent on them for things like online classes and office meetings.

There are many factors that influence the speed and quality of Wi-Fi networks on your smartphone.

In this guide, we will tell you all the tips and tricks that you can use to boost the Wi-Fi speed on your smartphone.

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How to boost WiFi signal strength on your smartphone

Check the distance of the Wi-Fi router from your phone

If your router is located far away from a phone or if you have kept it in an obscure position, then chances are that it is affecting the strength of the Wi-Fi signal on your device.

In case you are only facing issues when you are away from your router, then you should change your position and sit closer.

If the issue still persists, then try changing the position of your router to a better location. Try restarting your phone and router once to fix any potential issues.

Use the Wi-Fi Analyzer app to find the best access point

There are many apps available on the Play Store and App Store that can analyze your Wi-Fi network and provide you with statistics like network strength, integrity, channels, bands, etc.

In case there are a lot of Wi-Fi networks in your area, chances are that your Wi-Fi network is in conflict with other networks in the area over the channel used to transmit the network.

Many people simply use their Wi-Fi daily without realizing that other networks in the area are interfering and overlapping with their network since they use the same channel for transmission.

You can download an app like Wi-Fi Analyzer to find the band that your router is currently using and then change it in the router settings.

You can also check other important information like your IP address, network gateway, DNS, etc., through the app.

Check whether your phone case is obstructing your Wi-Fi signal

Most modern smartphones these days have a premium glass back design that can force the manufacturers to put the antenna band on the side of the device.

Many popular smartphone and tablet cases often block the antenna of your device since they cover the entire phone.

Rugged cases or cases with a piece of metal equipment can often interfere with your smartphone’s antenna and can cause the signal quality to degrade.

You try using the device without the case and then check the speed of your internet connection.

Update your smartphone software and router firmware

One of the things that you should do first is to upgrade the software on your Android or iOS device and ensure that the latest updates are installed on your phone.

You can head over to Settings > System updates > Check for updates on Android to check for the latest updates on your device.

Android software update

On iPhone, you can go to Settings > General > Software Update to update iOS on your device.

iOS software update

You can also check whether your router is running on the latest firmware version by going to the manufacturer’s website for your router.

Just like smartphones, routers also receive updates that can significantly improve their performance and fix any issues related to signal strength.

You will be able to update the firmware on your router by accessing the configuration page of your router and then flashing the latest firmware file.

Use a Wi-Fi repeater or range extender

If you are living in a large house with lots of rooms or if your Wi-Fi router is old and has a limited range, then you should consider investing in a Wi-Fi repeater or range extender.

This will be cheaper than purchasing a new router and can significantly boost the signal strength of your existing Wi-Fi router.

It works by capturing the waves of your router and then boosting them to increase its strength.

There are various options available in the market, so choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Change the password of your Wi-Fi router

Do you remember the last time you shared the Wi-Fi password when your friend or neighbor asked for it?

More often than not, we share the password of our Wi-Fi network with a stranger only to forget about it a few months later.

There is a high chance that someone might be secretly using your Wi-Fi network, thus hampering the speed and strength of your internet connection.

It is highly recommended that you change the password for your Wi-Fi network every 3-4 months to make sure that it stays secure and that strangers don’t access it.

You can change your Wi-Fi SSID and password from the configuration page of your router.

That’s it. These are all the tips and tricks that you can use to boost the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network on your smartphone.

There are many shady apps and YouTube videos that often claim and promise to boost your Wi-Fi speed with a few clicks. We strongly recommend you stay away from such apps as they can compromise your device and steal your personal info.

Use only those apps which have good reviews and ratings, and don’t fall for any fake YouTube videos that promise to boost your Wi-Fi speed.

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