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Facebook to Remove Like Button from Pages for a Cleaner Look

Facebook aims to make Pages clutter-free with the new design.

Facebook is reportedly testing a new design for Facebook Pages. The new Page layout will not feature the Like button and Page’s Like count; instead, it will display a ‘Follow’ button like Twitter and Instagram. Facebook aims to make Pages less complicated with the new updated design and features. These unique designs and features are currently being tested with a small group of public figures. Facebook plans to expand its testing to a broader group of Pages in the future.

As per a report by TechCrunch, Facebook is currently testing the new Page design used by influencers, authors, creators, businesses, organizations, and actors, among others. We can see that these pages don’t feature the Like button or Like count in the pictures. So you cannot see the exact number of likes on a page, but it will show a round figure. For example, the account in the picture below shows that it has 2.3 million followers. It simply indicates a rounded value of the actual number of likes on the Page.

Image: Facebook

The number of followers will be displayed below the “Follow” button, and it will be followed by profession and then story highlights. Also, we can see that the new design doesn’t have the usual “Home”, “Posts”, “About”, “Video” and “Photos” tabs; all those have been removed in the new design. The new layout will make it easier for Facebook users to see more accurate information about a Page’s reach. It will simplify the experience by only showing relevant stuff about the Page you Like or Follow (in the future).

This upgrade will better reflect a Page’s true reach as it will display how many people are receiving posts from a page in their news feed. Many of us like a page and then unfollow it sometimes because we don’t want to receive their posts or “Unlike” that Page. So the following count will determine how many people are receiving Page’s update in their news feed.

The new Page design test is currently running on Facebook’s mobile app, and once it’s done, Facebook will make a public rollout.

Source: TechCrunch

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