15 Best Print on Demand Sites Like Redbubble (2022)


Redbubble is one of the most popular print-on-demand websites today. It has several artists that create designs and then sell them all over the world. Customers can pick from the vast collection that’s available on the website, while artists can ship their works printed on products to the world.

Not just clothing, but other products like wall arts, gifts, custom stationery items, and more can be purchased or sold from the Redbubble website.

What’s great about Redbubble is that it offers worldwide shipping and has free and easy returns.

While Redbubble offers some great designs and a collection of custom products, it’s been popular for a long time, and that said, you may end up wearing clothing that has the same design as someone else’s from your group or locality.

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That would be somehow embarrassing, wouldn’t it be? And this is exactly why we think you might want to have look at some of the best Redbubble alternatives.

If you are an artist and if your work isn’t being noticed, cut yourself some slack and look out for some similar sites like Redbubble, as it may work for you there.

In this article, we are listing the 15 best print-on-demand (POD) sites like Redbubble.

Best Print on Demand Sites like Redbubble in 2022

1. TeeSpring


TeeSpring, which is now called Spring, is one of the popular sites like Redbubble. Unlike, Redbubble, which is now known by many avid Internet users, TeeSpring was initially used by Youtubers to create and sell their merch.

However, now, buyers can find a vast variety of products ranging from apparel, accessories, and digital content, to even custom home decor items.

Other than simply buying products, you can also create your own store and start selling. The website offers a user-friendly experience, and if you are a Youtuber or an artist, selling your products or merch on TeeSpring could be your best bet.

2. Printify


Printify is similar to Redbubble but it offers more control over the products that you make and sell. You can simply add your design to clothing or products like a mug and buy for yourself. Or you can create custom products in bulk on the platform and start selling. This is a great Redbubble alternative for businesses.

What’s good is that Printify is absolutely free, meaning you can focus on creating new designs and selling them, everything else will be handled by the platform.

3. PrintBest


PrintBest is another one-stop-shop solution for a print-on-demand website. The major prowess that can be considered of PrintBest has to be the delivery period. Your custom-made products get shipped in 1 to 2 days’ time. Although that does depend on the region you live in, but still, this is one of the best delivery times a POD website is offering.

PrintBest has several different products for you to add your design and sell. The catalog includes clothing items like t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, and other products like keychains, canvas prints, yard signs, bottles, tumblers, coasters, and Mugs.

4. Zazzle


Zazzle is an interesting website for print-on-demand products. It has millions of monthly active visitors and offers creative ways for you to make your first print-on-demand product. All you need to do is click on the Create option on the left bar and within a few steps, your product would be ready to sell.

Interestingly, it doesn’t have any minimum quantity limit, meaning that you can get 1 or even 100s of apparel and gifts printed. It is a full solution for businesses and has a variety of products. It includes wedding items, home decor items, party supplies, napkins, office products, and even products for electronics devices like cases for phones, laptops, and even mousepads.

You’ll really need to look at the catalog to know how much stuff Zazzle has.

Apart from this, Zazzle also allows you to earn money in different methods. You can earn money as a product maker and product designer, and also do affiliate marketing for Zazzle.

5. CafePress


CafePress is one of the oldest print-on-demand websites. And considering that it’s been there for a long time, you can be assured that you’ll get professionalism and quality on the platform.

It has about millions of monthly active visitors and has one of the most diversified catalogs. There are over 250 products including apparel, of course, and products in different categories like cases, covers, home decor, stationery, accessories, drinkware, and others.

You can set up your store for free and get started. Since it is an old platform, it does take up some credit for it. It offers only a 10% margin for each product but provides a bonus if your monthly sales go above $100.

6. Threadless


Threadless is claimed to be the easiest platform to sell products by adding custom designs to them. The platform has got 100s of products including apparel, home decor, and accessories.

Just like Redbubble, it has all the customization options and is easy to create and sell. And unlike Redbubble, there’s less competition, so you can try it out if you want your designs to get noticed quickly, followed by good sales.

7. Design by Humans

Design by Humans

Something similar to Redbubble, but with a slightly different approach is Design by Humans. It has a limited catalog having apparel like t-shirts, Tank Tops, sweatshirts, and other items like prints for frames, phone cases, stickers, and mugs.

Although it has a limited catalog as compared to some of the other websites on this list, it offers some benefits like royalties and licenses.

You can get royalties for all the products starting with $0.50 for stickers to $4 for phone cases.

Apart from selling, you can also buy cool products from its store created by several makers. On your first order, you may get 15% off after you sign up.

8. Printfull


Printfull is a great platform for getting rare designs for your T-shirts and other items. It offers high-quality printing services for both personal and business use.

If you sell on Printfull, there’s the automated order management system that will help you grow your store. Other than simple clothing and accessories, it also has unique products like hats and Beanies.

9. TeePublic


TeePublic is similar to Redbubble but offers more products like masks, badges, kid’s apparel, and more. It is one of the easiest platforms to use, for both buyers as well as sellers.

The website also has a trending section that shows all the current trends, depending on which, you can buy or create and sell your designer products.

Products on TeePublic are comparatively affordable for buyers, and since it has got a limited amount of users, you may find great designer products that only would be possessing.

10. SunFrog


SunFrog is probably one of the smallest and least recognized print-on-demand websites on the Internet. And owing to that fact, you can find some unique designs if you are a buyer.

If you want to sell, it’s a great platform as platforms like Redbubble could be competitive and you may end up struggling there. But on SunFrog, your designs may get noticed quite quickly.

11. Society6


Society6 is one of the sites like Redbubble and offers even more unique products. It has items like frames, wall hangings, table cloths, comforters, and more. Regular items like t-shirts, hoodies, and Tank tops are available too.

Society6 is claimed to be designed by artists, and that said, it also has its own community for artists. The platform offers a 10% commission for each product and artists get paid via PayPal.

12. Merch By Amazon

Merch by Amazon

Amazon also has its own print-on-demand platforms like Redbubble. You can sell your designs and earn money. However, the platform is limited to only some regions and isn’t present on a global scale.

Also, unlike other platforms, you need to send a request to Amazon in order to sell your products on the Merch platform by Amazon.

Although it has some of its limitations, at the end of the day, it’s Amazon, meaning the shipping and packing service wouldn’t be an issue at all.

13. Gelato


Gelato is again one of the sites like Redbubble, but it offers some other products which you won’t find on Redbubble, for instance: Calendars and Tote bags.

Also, it has a more global presence in 34 different countries including India. Moreover, it also integrates Shopify, Squarespace, and other e-commerce platforms, which means your products can reach more people as you’d be selling them on a variety of platforms.

That said, it’s a great platform if you want to sell different types of products on a global scale.

14. BustedTees


BustedTees is an affordable marketplace and has less competition than platforms like Redbubble. And that’s exactly, why this is a great alternative to Redbubble.

The platform has limited products but does include items like Hats and Stickers. Since it has limited users, you can flaunt your T-shirt or product that has the rarest design. What this means is, that you don’t have to get embarrassed by using a T-shirt that has the same design as someone else’s in your locality.

15. Custom Ink

Custom Ink

Similar to RedBubble, Custom Ink has a vast variety of products in its catalog. Just like TeePublic, Custom Ink also has its own trending section. However, it doesn’t show trending hashtags, rather it has trending categories for the platform.

This means you can shop products from the trending categories or create products depending on the trends in categories on Custom Ink.

Unlike other platforms, you can start a fundraiser on Custom Ink. This way, buyers can fund your product by reading your story. Products from big organizations go on fundraisers for a certain cause, and a print-on-demand platform like Custom Ink is letting artists/creators do this is quintessential, rather great.

These are some of the best print-on-demand (POD) sites like Redbubble. If you are an artist or a creator, you can try some of these websites and get your custom-made product recognized while earning more cash.

If you are a buyer, there’s always no harm in trying something new. Go ahead and try all of these websites, who knows you may find a cool T-shirt or product that has a unique design, which could make you stand out from the crowd.


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