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Facebook account suspended? 5 ways to recover your account

After logging into your Facebook account, you check in and find out it is suspended, the reason being Facebook has detected some suspicious activity on your account.

Facebook may temporarily suspend a user’s account if there is a violation of certain set guidelines.

Well, here’s how you can recover your Facebook account, and later on, we will learn about the reasons why an account gets suspended.

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Facebook account suspended? 5 ways to recover your account

How to recover a suspended Facebook account

Facebook account suspension message
Facebook account suspension message.

Access to a suspended account may be enabled after hours or days. This is after the user has gone through a set of security steps before gaining full access to the account.

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Identification of your Facebook friends

Facebook conducts an image identification test in which you are to identify people from your various uploads.

If the pictures are identified correctly, you will get back access to your account. If you are unable to identify the pictures on the first attempt, wait for some hours before passing any other attempt.

Verification of name and date of birth

Users of suspended accounts may be required to upload an image of a governmental identification card.

The card should indicate the user’s name and date of birth. Typically the name and date of birth should match with the information provided during the account creation.

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Answering security questions

Facebook gives you the ability to create and answer security questions that can be used whenever you lose access to your account.

You can easily recover your account by providing an accurate answer. A security question needs to be set prior to the suspension of the account.

Using a trusted contact

If you forget the answers to your security questions, you don’t need to worry. You may ask your trusted contacts to help verify your account.

To apply this solution, you may want to set your trusted contacts before your account gets suspended.

A code is sent to your trusted contact, which can be used to reset your account.

To set your trusted contacts:

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Go to ‘Settings.’
  3. Select ‘Security and login.’
  4. Select your trusted contacts.

Filing an appeal

Contact Facebook for an account review
Contact Facebook for an account review.

An appeal can be sent to Facebook via the Facebook help center, indicating that your account was improperly deactivated. You will be required to provide your full name and a copy of your ID.

Facebook accounts that have been suspended may be recovered within 24 hours, depending on the cause of suspension.

Why does a Facebook account gets suspended?

  • Account has been reported by another user.
  • Use your personal account to conduct business promotions. Facebook advises its users to create Facebook pages when conducting business promotions to avoid the suspension of personal accounts.
  • Use of false name as a user name during the creation of your account. Users are required to use their real name and date of birth when creating their accounts.
  • Posting inappropriate content on your Facebook account may lead to account suspension. Content that does not conform to Facebook community standards may cause one’s account to be suspended indefinitely.
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