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Facebook account temporarily locked? Here’s how to unlock it

After logging into your Facebook account, you check in and find out it is temporarily locked, the reason being Facebook has detected some suspicious activity on your account.

Well, here are the reasons why your account may be temporarily locked, and later on, we will see how to fix it.

Your account has been dormant, and suddenly there is activity on the account. This includes too much posting or dishing out many friend requests at a go. Well, Facebook considers this suspicious activity and may lock your account.

Facebook account temporarily locked? Here’s how to unlock it

Why Facebook account gets temporarily locked?

  • If you are always using third-party tools to access your account, then it could be one of the reasons why your account on Facebook is temporarily locked. This also includes using different IP locations and devices to access your account. Facebook temporarily blocks your account till you can verify your true identity.
  • If the information provided for credentials, such as your username, does not match with your real information on your identity document, then Facebook can temporarily block your account. In this case, you may have to contact Facebook support and submit your identity documents to retrieve your account.
  • Going against any guidelines set by Facebook may also get your account blocked.

Locking of your Facebook account may temporarily last for 24 to 48 hours before unlocking it. This, however, depends on how quickly you are able to detect the issue and report it to the proper authorities.

Here’s how to remove yourself from such a sticky situation and get back your account quickly.

Submit an appeal for locked account

A locked account form can be found on the Facebook website. Requirements are filling in your name, the reason for filling the form, and the email address that you can be contacted through.

It also requires one to fill in the email address used in accessing the Facebook account.

Submit an appeal for locked account

Submit an appeal for locked – ineligible account

The Facebook locked-ineligible form requires you to submit your full name, date of birth, and identity document. It determines if you are eligible to use Facebook.

A picture of your identification card issued by a governmental department is required. The document should be clear, showing your name, picture, and date of birth.

Locked-ineligible form

Submission of this form is required when your account is locked due to a violation of inmate regulations, meaning you may be too young to be using Facebook.

Report a login issue

This form will require you to fill in your issue regarding any login error. You will also need to fill in the type of error message and some additional information concerning the issue.

Report a Login Issue

Facebook generally resolves the issue in due time, and you’ll be able to access your account in no time.

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