Best Emuparadise Alternative Sites & Apps (2024)


Emuparadise was one of the largest retro gaming sites on the internet until it got shut down. The website contained a vast catalog of ROMs, ISOs, games, TV shows, music, and more. However, after receiving takedown requests from various game developers, the website owners had to remove a lot of content from the website.

As a result, the website now lacks a lot of old games and shows. Fans sometimes might feel the void and miss downloading and playing retro games.

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If you are also a fan and miss the same, well, there’s nothing to worry about now. You can still relive those good old days of gaming by using the Emuparadise alternatives.

So, we have compiled a list of the best Emuparadise alternative sites and apps that you can use in 2024.

Best Emuparadise Alternative Sites and Apps in 2024

Dope ROMs

Dope ROMs

Known to be one of the fantastic retro gaming sites, DopeROMs allows you to download all your favorite retro video game ROMs and emulators on your mobile or PC. It also allows you to play backups of old video games of your choice.

The best part about DopeROMs is that you will not have to deal with annoying ads while playing or downloading the games.

Being one of the most recognized and well-known ROM destinations, DopeROMs stands out from the crowd, where one can get to play all the old games they like.

Visit Dope ROMs

Vimm’s Lair

Vimm's Lair

If you are looking for classic legendary games from those old consoles, this site would be your best place to stop. Vimm’s Lair provides you with zero ads and hosts over 7,000+ ROMs for over ten classics and all-time favorite consoles.

It also offers a separate service known as “The Emulator Lair” that hosts emulators for Game Boy, Genesis, Wii, and Playstation, along with download links for Windows.

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It is entirely a secure website with no interruptions or annoying advertisements, which lets you enjoy your games without any distractions.

Visit Vimm’s Lair

My Boy!

My Boy! emulator

This app is truly a pure heavenly place for game lovers because it is the only emulator that supports link cable emulation with good speed and connectivity. 

My Boy! is a fully-featured emulator that emulates almost all fundamental hardware factors and runs games on a variation of Android devices, from old standard phones to modern smartphones.

Download My Boy! app

Cool ROM

Cool ROM

Cool ROM is another Emuparadise alternative site that provides you with a significant amount of retro and vintage ROMs for emulators. Also, you can stumble over plenty of ROMs here that run the latest emulators.

It has a user-friendly and clean interface that lets you quickly find and download ROMs of various genres like shooting, adventure, etc.

One of the best features of this site is that it displays screenshots for every game so that the user can refer to and view them to understand the game’s outlook.

Visit Cool ROM

The Old Computer

The Old Computer is undoubtedly one of the best Emuparadise alternatives because it has over 500k-600k ROMs for DS, PC, MAME, NES, SNES, and N64.

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It is one of the largest directories of retro games on the internet. This site is well-known because of its interactive options for playing games and allowing players to use backups.

It also has a unique search bar at the top of the site for searching specific keywords for your favorite ROMs.

Visit The Old Computer

ROM Hustler

ROM Hustler has a responsive design that works well on both mobiles and PCs. Plus, it has the ROMs of all-time popular classic legendary games such as Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy 9, and God of War.

One of the exceptional features of this site is that it has emulators for almost all types of gaming consoles, ranging from classical to modern PlayStation.

The site lets you choose games from a huge, well-organized collection of retro games, where the users can easily select the games of their choice.

Visit ROM Hustler

ROM World Online

ROM World Online

Rom World Online can be called the goldmine of ROMs. You can find plenty of ROMs here from old consoles, such as N64, Sega Beginning, MAME, and Sega Super Drive for your PC.

The website looks outdated, but you won’t get bothered by all those sticky and irritating ads or pop-ups.

Visit ROM World Online

The Eye

The Eye

The Eye is an excellent Emuparadise alternative as it features over 100k ROMs, and this number is still constantly increasing.

One can find all the ROM files for any gaming console imaginable until now, making it a good destination for retro game lovers.

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It has one of the best interfaces with no viruses and pop-up issues and is unbelievably easy to use and navigate through.

Visit The Eye



The quality and service of the ROMs present on the CD Romance make it one of the best picks as an alternative for Emuparadise. 

Here, you can get ROMs for various PlayStation emulators, including PS2, PSP, and PSX.

As one can get the hint from the site’s name, it focuses more on DVD and CD games. Also, you can get all the walkthroughs of various games that help you analyze the games before you decide to start playing them.

Visit CDRomance

Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone is one of the well-known retro game sites with a huge library of emulators and ROMs. It constantly adds new updates to the list.

One can also get detailed information on emulators and ROMs on the website. It allows you to find and download files easily.

Visit Emulator Zone

Getting access to retro games and playing them has become more challenging nowadays.

The sites mentioned above are some of the best Emuparadise alternatives that one can use to download and play their favorite classic games.

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These sites offer everything free of cost, from ROMs to emulators. They also give you access to popular console games. Furthermore, there are no legal obligations to use them. Also, they are perfectly safe to download and play on any emulators.

Emuparadise Alternatives Frequent Asked Questions

Is Emuparadise shut down?

Yes, Emuparadise has been shut down since 2018. It operated for more than 18 years and offered ROMs and emulators for retro games.

Emuparadise was shut down due to legal issues and copyright claims from the game developers. Due to this, many games and emulators were removed from the site initially; however, they were later completely shut down.

Are Emuparadise alternatives safe?

Yes, all the sites mentioned above are safe to use. All these are reliable and legal sources. Now, you can download your favorite ROMs and emulators easily.

It is always recommended to use reliable and trusted sites to avoid viruses and malware. 

We have tried to list the best Emuparadise alternatives and answer some of the frequently asked questions. However, if you still have any queries, do write them down in the comments below. Also, if you have some other great options, do mention that as well.

We hope that now you can easily find the most suitable ROM site for yourself. Happy gaming!

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