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Best Car Customization Apps for Android & iOS (2021)


Customizing and modifying cars can be a lot of fun, and if it can be done virtually then, there are no limitations to it. Now, it’s possible to customize and tune any car on your phone using car customization apps.

You can create your car from scratch and design every part according to your taste, and choose the colour of your choice. If you are a car enthusiast who loves customizing cars with modified parts and different paint jobs, then we are pretty sure you would love to try out these amazing apps. You just have to pick the right apps to do your task.

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Well, worry not, we have compiled a list of the best car customization apps you can try out on your Android or iOS device.

Best car customization apps for Android and iOS

Here are some of the best car modification apps for both Android and iOS:


Forma Car is a 3D tuning and custom car customization app. It has a portal that features a 3D configurator. This 3D configurator allows users to create their customized car model using a whole catalogue of wheels and other options with different editing and tuning options. It also includes a map that has car dealers and their respective contact details too. 

You can even share your customized car with other people and get some advice regarding the body design, tuning, and car’s colours. It is very easy to use this app, and one can create a collection of their favourite cars, and that too very quickly using the app. Whether it is wheels, engine, or design, this app provides a great experience to users.

Download: Android, iOS

3D Tuning

3D Tuning is one of the most popular car customization apps, with over 10 million downloads on the Play Store and App Store. It provides you with the option of customizing cars from various popular manufacturers. 

This app lets you use the latest and some of the most popular cars. It also features a unique collection of accessories such as tail lamps, mirrors, and grills. The 3D Tuning app is a mobile version of 3DTuning.com, which means it will be synced across multiple devices. This app provides you with lots of features, thus providing you with extensive options to never get bored of this app.

Download: Android, iOS

Fix My Car

Fix My Car

Fix My Car lets players repair every car available in the market. You can choose any car from any manufacturer you like and modify it according to your own choices. This app will provide you with a realistic car upgrading experience and make you aware of how a car is customized in the real world.

The app even allows you to participate in races using your car. But for racing, you will have to upgrade your car and customize it to make it suitable for the race first. You can also watch in-game ads to complete missions and earn more rewards in the game.

Download: Android, iOS

Car Mechanic Simulator 21

Car Mechanic Simulator 21

Car Mechanic game lets players restore used cars to their original appearances. The app provides a tutorial in which you will learn how to repair and paint a car. The goal of the game is to restore and repair broken cars.

You can have a totally realistic experience in the game by buying cars at auctions, customizing them, and expanding your car collection. You can work at different places across the map, try new types of equipment and look for opportunities to level up.

More realistic mechanics, better quality graphics, extra details and various new challenges make this game one of the best picks on this list. Choose the one you want to work on first and then paint it to match your desired look. You can also repair the car parts and replace the broken ones.

Download: Android, iOS

NFS Heat Studio

Need For Speed Studio is an app created by EA Sports that allows you to customize and design your cars. This app lets you customize cars that are to be used in the upcoming NFS Heat missions. With this app, you can never have too many cars as you get a new one every time you open the app. This app is, by far, one of the best car customization apps you can install to fulfil your interest as a car lover.

You will even find workshops of your interests and choices that will provide you with access to various new features to help you modify your car accordingly. If you are a fan of racing games, then you must know about Need For Speed games. This app was created to welcome the release of the game called NFS Heat in 2019.

You can share your experience and even show off your customized car to your friends through social media platforms.

Download: Android, iOS

Overdrive City

Have you ever thought of customizing Lamborghini or Porche cars? Or maybe like wish to have coloured steel bolts, incredible wheels, fantastic designs and fabulous modifications done to your car to make it look the loveliest of all? Well, the search for such an app ends here because this app fulfils it all in one.

In Overdrive City, players can customize their cars and build a city as they see fit. The game features a racer mode that will challenge players in racing missions. Aside from that, it also offers various customization options so that gamers can customize their vehicles to make them look like the car of their dreams.

This car modification app provides you with some unique features. You can build and collect a large number of cars, and you can even get a real looking licensed car from various popular car manufacturers.

Download: Android, iOS

Torque Drift

Torque Drift

If you find car drifting cool, then this app is for you. Torque Drift is a car modifying app that is mainly focused on drifting cars.

It has many other cool features like tons of excellent car models and beautiful graphics with a map of different locations. High-quality graphics, realistic drifting physics, and smooth controlling features make this app unique from the others.

Download: Android, iOS

Car Master 3D

Car Master 3D

Car Master 3D is a free car modification app that lets you be the mechanic of your garage. You can do all sorts of things such as washing, repairing, modifying, applying paint and much more as a mechanic in the game. You also get paid for the work you do for customers in the game.

This game tests your skills as a mechanic in your automobile garage. You will have to provide customers with the best service to make more money and grow your garage. Through this game, you can finally show your car customization skills!

Download: Android, iOS

Tuning Car Simulator

Tuning Car Simulator

The Tuning Car Simulator app lets you build your dream car using different engines, brakes, wheels, designs, body, gear shaft, and a whole new frame. This feature makes this app a must-try for car enthusiasts.

Sound effects in games also play a significant role. They make controlling and operating the game much easier. Tuning Car Simulator features excellent sound effects and provides the users with a realistic experience of car customization and tuning options.

Download: Android

Customizing and tuning cars virtually on your phone can be a lot of fun. There are unlimited customization options, and users can select any car they want to modify.

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All of the apps on this list are free to download, and you also get tons of free cars to customize in the apps. These are some of the best car customization apps you can use to design your car and customize it according to your preference.

Do comment on your favourite app from the above list. Also, if you feel we have missed any good ones, mention that in the comment section as well. Have fun with your cars!


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