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9 Best Photo Morph Apps for Android & iOS in 2021


Photo morphing is a fun trick that is made possible with the development of image editing applications. It is a technique that allows you to transition a figure or face into another picture. You can create gifs, videos and even memes using these photo morph apps.

It is commonly used to make before/after videos that showcase significant changes between them in order to compare the differences.

Photo morphing is fun and easy to do with the right apps. And the best part is that anyone can morph a photo at any given time, for free! However, you need to choose the right photo morph apps.

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There is a multitude of face morph apps available on the market for Android and iOS today. Given below is our list of the best apps amongst them.

Best photo morph apps for Android and iOS

1. Face Morph

Face Morph app on Play Store

Available for free on Google Play, this app is easily one of the best when it comes to photo morphing. It is developed and created by Hamsoft and has multiple great reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store. This app allows you to transition between photos and images smoothly. It is very easy and efficient to use and does the transition pretty quickly. 

This app allows you to edit your face and add features according to your wishes. You can custom adjust the facial features, allowing you to create vastly morphed images. Along with creating images, you can also use the photos to morph videos or gifs.

However, the Face Morph app has ads within it and puts its watermark on the images that have morphed. If you are okay with that, then it is one of the top photo morph apps.

Download: Android

2. Pic Morph – Morph Faces

Pic Morph - Morph Faces on Play Store

Pic Morph – Morph Faces is another app that lets you make funny morphed images. It is freely available for Android on Google Play Store. This app can recognise faces within a picture and allows you to edit and morph them using different filters.

It also features various filters and base animation that one can morph their photo into. It allows you to create animations such as adult to child transformation, human to animal transformation etc. It is easily one of the best face morph apps. However, the app does have a lot of advertisements within it.

Download: Android, iOS

3. Face Swap and Morph Animation Maker

Face Swap and Morph Animation Maker on Play Store

As the name suggests, Face Swap and Morph Animation Maker is another good option in the photo morphing apps category. Like the others on this list, Face Swap and Morph Animation Maker allows you to create beautiful and seamless morphing animations in various categories, such as animal morphing or horror morphing. You can also edit certain features, such as the position and blending. It is an easy option for you if you are looking for a photo morph app.

Download: Android

4. Face Morph: Animal Face

Face Morph: Animal Face on Play Store

Face Morph: Animal Face allows you to swap and morph your face into any animal image available on the app. This app features a vast amount of pet and animal pictures that you can choose from. You can easily customise and edit photos to your preference. 

Upon completion, you can save the images as gifs or videos and export them to your camera or directly share from the app. This app also has a lot of valuable tools that you can use to create various effects. It also contains a lot of filters that can be added once you have completed the photo morphing. This app is an excellent choice for people looking for a face morph app.

Download: Android

5. Animal Face

This app has the prime intention of morphing human faces into animal faces. The Animal Face app has many animals that you could choose to morph a picture into, including lions, tigers, cats, dogs, wolves etc. But, the process of the morphing transformation is automatic; hence, you cannot edit in between transitions. 

The Animal Face morphing app is one of the best at what it does, creating human to animal transitions. If you want a photo morph app that gives the result of your images as morphed animal faces, then this app is perfect for you.

Download: Android

6. Morphy: Face Morph GIF

Morphy: Face Morph GIF on Play Store

This app, similar to the previous apps, provides an excellent platform to create and design your morphing or transformation videos. Morphy specialises in video and GIF morphing. It can develop transition videos between a human and an animal, a human and a celebrity, or even plain time-lapse videos. It features a lot of editing and blending options that you can effectively make use of. 

However, a drawback of Morphy: Face Morph GIF is that the app is only available on the iOS App Store. It is not available or downloadable for Android devices from Google Play Store. 

Download: iOS

7. Reface: Face Swap videos and memes with your Photo

Reface on Play Store

Reface is an example of a good app that can create memes and videos using your photo. It features many filters and images of animals, celebrities and memes that you can swap your face into. Bragging thousands of 4+ ratings and hundreds of satisfied user reviews, this app is free to download from Google Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS. 

This app is a very good option if you are interested in creating face morphing videos and are looking for face and photo morph apps. Boasting 50 million+ downloads, this app also has a premium subscription to grant you access to even more valuable tools and features. 

Download: Android, iOS

8. Beauty Face Plus: Face Morphing

Beauty Face Plus: Face Morphing on Play Store

Beauty Face Plus: Face Morphing is another app that can morph images and videos. Using an identifiable photo, you can morph your image into pretty much any animal or bird you want, such as tigers, cats, dogs etc. It also allows you to morph certain regions of the face, such as the eyes while retaining the rest of the original picture. This technique can be used to give yourself a pair of cat’s eyes on your very own face!

It also features many filters, frames and emojis, which you can use to edit your image. Beauty Face Plus: Face Morphing has high ratings and reviews on Google Play Store. Hence, it is trusted by many people, so you must try it if you are in search of face morph apps.

Download: Android

9. FaceApp – Face Editor, Makeover and Beauty app

FaceApp on Play Store

FaceApp allows you to morph images, along with beauty and makeover editing. You can also transition from old to young and grow a beard in your pictures.

You can finally find out the answers to the questions such as – What would I look like in a couple of decades? Or What would I look like as a girl? Or What my future child would look like? 

It is also possible to swap and morph your face into any of the hundreds of animal or celebrity faces available in the app. Boasting 100million + downloads on Google Play Store, this is a heavily highly rated face morph app. It has many 5 star ratings and reviews, making it one of the best photo morph apps on this list. Also, currently, it is in the 3rd position in the top-grossing list of apps in the photography category on the Google Play Store.

Download: Android, iOS

Well, this is pretty much it. The list can go on forever. However, these are the top picks you must try if you are looking for photo morph apps. Photo morphing is fun within itself. There are no limitations to what you can try with these apps. From being an animal to other genders, looking at your future self to predicting your future child’s look, there are many fun elements that these face and photo morph apps bring. 

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Keep on trying these apps, and comment on your favourite ones. Also, do mention any other apps you think should be on the list or are your personal favourites. 


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