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How to use Google services as a proxy to bypass restrictions

Google offers many services to their users, but you may never have heard of Google proxy services.

Well, the company does not really offer any proxy services. However, there are few tricks that you can use to access any restricted website using Google services.

In this article, I will show you how to browse restricted websites using Google as a proxy server.

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We will be using Google Translate and Google web light to unblock restricted websites. So let’s get started with this tutorial.

How to use Google services as a proxy to bypass restrictions

How to use services from Google as proxy servers

1. Google Translate as a proxy server

Google Translate as a proxy server
  1. Go to Google Translate and enter the URL of the website you want to visit in the source field.
  2. Leave the source language empty and in the destination you can choose any language. Here, I will choose English because I want to view the page in the English language.
  3. Once your entered URL becomes clickable in the destination field, you can visit the website.
  4. Now click on the URL and the web page will be loaded in a new tab on your web browser. Here, you can view the page in any language you want. This trick can be used to access any website. However, some websites may not work. You can check for yourself by heading over to Google Translate.

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Mi community website unblocked using Google translate
Accessing Mi community website using Google Translate

2. Google web light as a proxy server

Do you know you can use Google web light to access any blocked websites?

Web light is a service by Google which is used to optimize and load web pages on slow internet connections.

It can be used to view a web page in mobile format. The page is loaded in such a way that most of the scripts and CSS are removed in the rendering process. Hence, you get a heavily optimized web page that loads incredibly fast.

Google web light rendering The Unfolder website
Google web light

To use Google web light to access a website, you can replace ‘theunfolder.com’ with the site of your choice. Now copy the link text, paste it into the web browser’s address bar, and press enter. This will load the web page in an optimized mobile format.


So that’s how you can use Google services as a proxy server to access any restricted website.

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You can also use the Wayback Machine in a similar way to visit any restricted website. If you are aware of any other methods like these, let us know in the comments below.

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