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Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000 in India (2022)


Affordable internet access is one of the key reasons why the gaming scene in India has grown a lot over these past years.

With more and more people starting to gain an interest in E-sports, gaming equipment has become high in demand. Although, this rise in demand does not have to be followed by a rise in prices.

There are plenty of good options available for gaming equipment that would not burn a hole in your pocket. In this article, we will discover the best available options for gaming mice under 2000.

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Before doing a deep dive into the specifics of different mice, let us talk about the importance of a mouse in gaming. A mouse helps the player last for longer hours in the game.

Their ergonomic advantages prove to be really useful in those tense moments of a battle. Now that we have a fair idea of why we need a good quality mouse, let us look at the best gaming mice under 2000.

Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs 2,000 in India

1. Razer DeathAdder

The Razer DeathAdder comes with a powerful optical sensor. Having 6,400 DPI, this mouse gives accurate and swift swipes helping the gamer immensely. The sleek and specifically designed shape of this mouse is what has gotten it into the list. With the gamer-friendly design, one can achieve quick responses.

This gaming mouse has 5 hype response buttons. These buttons can be used up to 10 million clicks which makes this mouse astonishingly durable.

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2. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

With this particular gaming mouse, you can shift between four different DPI settings. The sensitivity ranges from 250 DPI to a whopping 4000 DPI. Thanks to the fusion engine, this mouse provides a tracking speed of up to 500 IPS.

This gaming mouse has eight programmable buttons. You can either enjoy the default settings as they are or create one-button triggers that suit your gaming needs. 

3. Logitech G102


The Logitech G102 comes with an optical sensor providing an astoundingly high sensitivity of 8000 DPI. Along with this, the mouse is aesthetically pleasing, too, with its LIGHTSYNC RGB. The LIGHTSYNC RGB features colour wave patterns. These features are customizable through 16.8 million colour options.

This gaming mouse comes with 6 buttons for a comfortable and durable gaming experience. These primary buttons are tensioned with metal springs and are mechanical for extra accuracy.

4. Redragon M808 Storm

The DPI in the Redragon M808 Storm can be customized, ranging from 100 DPI to 12,400 DPI. This exceptional versatility is why this is one of the best gaming mice under 2000. It comes with customizable RGB across 16.8 million colours. This mouse guarantees a gaming experience in style.

The Redragon M808 Storm has 7 programmable buttons. These can be fully redefined and are available for the assignment of complex macro keybindings. This feature promises good performance in every kind of battle.

5. Corsair Harpoon Pro

Another high-sensitivity gaming mouse on the list is the Corsair Harpoon Pro. With a sensitivity of 12,000 dots per inch, this gaming mouse proves itself to be a worthy candidate amongst the best mice under 2000. This gaming mouse is very lightweight, hence having the advantage of being easier to use in an intensive play session.

With Genuine Ykk Zippered Closure, this mouse is a must-have for beginners.

6. Lenovo Legion M200

This gaming mouse has an optical sensor that provides up to 2400 DPI. The dots per inch can be set in four different settings making it easier for the gamer to use it according to their need. The 7 colour-circulating backlight gives this mouse a classic look.

With the 5 button design, this mouse also has a braided cable. This promises extra comfort and durability in the long run.

7. Ant Esports GM500

This gaming mouse proves to be very useful in sniper fights. This is due to its highly customizable DPI settings. The sensor can be set in 6 different modes for maximum utility. If this was not enough, the Ant Esports GM500 provides a tracking speed of 60 IPS. This helps gamers achieve high-speed flicks and aims.

To ensure that there is no input lag, the polling rate of this mouse is 1000Hz with a 1ms delay. 

8. HP G360


The sensor provides a sensitivity of up to 6200 DPI with 6 different settings. This helps the gamers get a more precise targeting and hence achieve better performance. The RGB lighting makes the HP G360 look like a gamer’s dream.

The HP G360 has a non-slip design which has landed this mouse on the list of best mice under 2000. The three-dimensional roller has great advantages when looking for precise actions.

9. Cosmic Byte Equinox Alpha

This gaming mouse is equipped with a highly accredited PIXART PMW3325 sensor. This makes this mouse more unique than the other ones we have considered so far. The Cosmic Byte Equinox Alpha comes with RGB LED that is customizable across 16.8 million colours. 

With 7 programmable buttons, the gamer can make the mouse their own by customizing it however they want to. The Omron micro switches guarantee durability.

10. Corsair Katar Pro

The Corsair Katar Pro comes with a custom PixArt sensor that offers a DPI of 12,400. This guarantees next-level accuracy and high performance. This gaming mouse has RGB backlighting on the scroll wheel that is fully customizable.

The best feature of this gaming mouse is the customizability it offers. Everything from the button remaps to the surface calibration can be adjusted.

Coming to the end of the list, there are certain factors that need to be looked at and compared when looking for the best gaming mouse under 2000.

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Some mice provide a higher DPI, and others come with more customizable features such as programmable buttons. So it is upon the individual gamer’s need to pick one that suits their preferences.

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