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Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000 in India (2022)


It’s a gaming revolution out there, and gaming accessories like gaming mouse and headphones are in utter demand right now.

Being a gamer is never easy, and being a pro is even tougher. With a lot of competition out there, you don’t want to miss a single beat of the game. Hence, we curated some of the best gaming headphones under 1000 to make your gaming experience full of adrenaline.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive into the best gaming headphone available in the market under 1000.

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Best Gaming Headphones Under Rs 1,000 in India

1. Cosmic Byte GS410

The Cosmic Byte GS410 headphones come with comfortable cushioning on the earpads as well as the head-pads. This ensures seamless gaming for many hours without any hindrance.

These gaming headphones have a smart in-line remote control to access the sound and the microphone. Add the deep bass and clear sound to this mix, and you get the perfect headphones for gaming under 1000.

With a single 3.5 mm jack, these come in a stylish green and black colour.

2. Ant Esports H520W

The Ant Esports H520W is compatible with multiple gaming platforms such as Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. The 40mm speakers promise a crystal-clear sound quality, as well as deep bass and an immersive audio experience.

Ant Esports is renowned for its high-quality mics. These headphones come with a microphone that picks up audio clearly and accurately. With this, you get a total package of both audio output and input facilities.

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3. Cosmic Byte G4000

The Cosmic Byte G4000 headphones look like a gamer’s dream. With LED lights on both sides, these are stylish yet efficient. The interface consists of a USB and a 3.5mm stereo. The USB, however, is only for the LED lights.

These gaming headphones come with a smart in-line remote control and cushioning on both the ear-pads as well as head-pad.


The sound quality of the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Rush headphones is phenomenal. These constitute 40mm, neodymium speakers, making every gamer’s experience worth their while. Equipped with dual 3.5mm connectors and a USB connector for RGB lights, these gaming headphones have a lot to offer.

The box includes a dual to single pin converter, and the headphones possess a strong braided cable for sturdiness.

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5. Redgear Cloak

With a 50mm Driver, the bass and sound quality of the Redgear Cloak hits the ball out of the park. These headphones are equipped with an omnidirectional microphone so that you can use them as per your gaming requirements. The microphone can simply be put up when not in use.

The auto-adjustable headband provides optimal comfort during those long gaming hours. Complete with RGB lights, these gaming headphones help you play in style. 

6. Cosmic Byte GS430

The Cosmic Byte GS430 headphones are compatible with various platforms and plug & play devices. The 3.5mm jack is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox One, PC, Laptop, etcetera. The attached microphone is easily adjustable as it has a 120-degree flexible design. It is constructed to cancel the background noise and focus on your voice clearly.

The ergonomic design, along with soft ear pads, makes it a lightweight, easy-to-use product.

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7. HP H100 Gaming Headset


HP is a trusted brand known to almost every household. This popularity already gives the HP H100 Gaming Headset a headstart over the other ones. With a 3.5mm jack, these gaming headphones are compatible with almost all operating systems and gaming equipment.

The specially engineered auto-adjustable headband gives the gamer a seamlessly comfortable experience.

8. Cosmic Byte H11

With a driver size of 40mm and impedance of 32 Ohms, the Cosmic Byte H11 promises a crystal-clear sound experience. Complete with a 3.5mm microphone jack and volume rocker. These gaming headphones give a great experience under a budget.

These are available in three stunning colour combinations. This makes them both a pleasure to the eyes and ears.

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9. Kotion Each GS410


These headphones are perfect for gaming, listening to music, and all audio-related activities. The Kotion Each GS410 headphones are equipped with cushioning both on the ear and head-pads. They come with adjustable hinges to cater to your personal needs.

With a 3.5mm jack for audio and microphone, the mic is flexible for exact positioning. The microphone is highly sensitive so that your voice is clearly transmitted to your fellow players. The Kotion Each GS410 headphones come with a remote control to set the volume and control the mic.

10. Redragon H120

The Redragon H120 headphones provide an immersive sound experience with 40mm neodymium directional drivers. These drivers have a sensitivity of 103dB giving us extremely clear audio quality. 

These gaming headphones are equipped with an adjustable microphone. The microphone offers noise cancellation guaranteeing an uninterrupted gaming session. The headphones are lightweight with adequate cushioning. This gives you prolonged hours of relaxing game time.

11. Cosmic Byte Blazar

The Cosmic Byte Blazar headphones deliver an astonishing bass and a clear sound. With a single 3.5 mm jack for sound input and output, these headphones are a must-buy.

These gaming headphones come with a flexible mic so that you can adjust them according to your own needs. This guarantees the transmission of clear vocals from your side. Not only this, but they also come with a smart remote control to control the sound and mic. 

Soft cushion earpads and head-pad with the added advantage of adjustable hinges make these headphones a dream.

Gaming is skill-building, team-building, and fun, but it does not have to cut a hole in your pocket. With the plethora of options that we curated in this list, you can find your dream gaming headphones under 1000.

All these headphones come with robust features and prove to be advantageous while gaming. With improved sound quality, you too can have the gaming experience of your dreams.

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