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How to Buy Dogecoin in India (2024)

Dogecoin is at the center of the recent heat that has been going on in the crypto world these days.

A meme coin that shot like a rocket and aims to reach the Moon with a humongous surge already.

For the freshers who are yet to enter the crypto world, here’s how you can take the first step.

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How to Buy Dogecoin in India (2024)

Beginner Guide to Investing in Dogecoin

First off, pick an exchange. There are plenty of options already available, from Binance-owned WazirX to Coinswitch Kuber.

This will be your place for trading, so pick one after trying a couple of them with minimal charges and a better overall experience.

Second, complete your KYC to get the account activated. It is a basic 10-minute procedure and takes no time to get verified. In case you’re stuck with a pending KYC, try contacting your crypto exchange support.

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Third, deposit money. Out of the many ways, the most convenient way is to use the exchange’s default wallet to deposit/withdraw money in INR. The withdrawal and deposit fees vary from app to app.

deposit money
Payment deposit methods in WazirX

You get the liberty to add money via UPI or Internet banking (NEFT/IMPS). Both have their own fees and deposit timing, so check well before investing.

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In case the wallet is down, which can happen when there’s a surge in the trading volume, you can also opt for peer-to-peer (P2P) trading.

P2P trading in WazirX

P2P deals in USDT and trading in USDT is exactly the same as trading in INR. The only difference is how you refill or empty your wallet.

In P2P, you trade USDTs, you set a buying order, someone who’s taking an exit will place a selling order, and you buy their USDTs and pay him using UPI/internet banking.

Dogecoin trading in WazirX

And finally, begin investing in Doge. That’s everything you need to know. It’s no rocket science, and someone with basic knowledge of apps can start trading.

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