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13 Best Truecaller Alternative Apps for Android and iOS

Truecaller is a mobile application used to identify unknown mobile numbers. It also has a list of useful features such as blocking contacts, identifying spam, call recording, messaging, and more.

Truecaller is easily the most popular app used for caller identification. Plus, these extra features make it one of the must-have apps in this category.

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The level of accuracy Truecaller provides is very high, and that’s why it is challenging to find Truecaller alternative apps.

13 Best Truecaller Alternative Apps for Android and iOS

How does Truecaller work?

Reading about Truecaller will surely raise a question in your mind that, how does the Truecaller work?

Well, the working of this application is quite simple. On installation, it asks a few questions relating to the person. It then stores the information in its database.

In this way, Truecaller has a database of all the persons who have installed the application even once.

It also stores the numbers present in the users’ phones who have installed the app. This way, they have gained access to the data of a lot of numbers.

Now, whenever you search phone numbers on the app, it checks in its database and shows the information about the number.

Over the years, Truecaller has accumulated massive data, which makes its information more accurate.

Hence, it isn’t easy to get another app like Truecaller, matching its accuracy level.

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Advantages of Truecaller

Truecaller has become popular over the years due to its unique features and accurate information. The advantages of using a Truecaller are:

  • Identification of unknown numbers.
  • Blocking of calls and messages from spam numbers.
  • Recording the conversation.
  • Knowing who viewed our profile.
  • Browsing of a contact.
  • Letting users give the purpose of calling beforehand.
  • Grouping calls and messages to avoid messy logs.

Disadvantages of Truecaller

However, with time, several instances prove that Truecaller has got some negatives too. The disadvantages of Truecaller are:

  • Too many prompt messages once you have blocked up a spam number.
  • Takes more private information of users than the phonebook.
  • Identification of people with names only is difficult.
  • People usually enlist themselves with fake or unrealistic names, which makes it more difficult to identify.
  • Even after the deactivation of an account from Truecaller, it stores the information in the database.
  • Hackers can steal sensitive information through the app by breaching the database.

Truecaller alternative apps

Once an idea becomes a hit, many try to follow the same concept. As Truecaller gained popularity, being the only app for providing unknown numbers information, many new applications came up.

They offered much better features to its customers, trying to avoid the disadvantages Truecaller had, thus, giving competition to Truecaller. Here is a list of the best Truecaller alternative apps:

Whoscall – The caller id and block App

Whoscall - The caller id and block App

Whoscall provides excellent communication security with easy identification of unknown numbers and troublesome spam. The application has a built-in dialer. In addition to standard features, it provides a unique call interface to identify incoming and outgoing calls.

It has an SMS conversation page on which you can chat with anyone. You can also catch important messages and avoid unwanted ones. It blocks all spam numbers so that users do not receive annoying messages.

Whoscall has a Premium feature that provides an offline database to control calls even without an internet connection. It also auto-updates the offline database.

Whoscall has data of more than 1 billion phone numbers from the global community. The app has more than 70 million downloads globally. The application works both with and without an internet connection.

Download for: Android, iOS

Caller ID, True Call & Call Recorder: Showcaller

Caller ID, True Call & Call Recorder: Showcaller

Showcaller lets you instantly find who is calling you even if you don’t hold any information about the number. It specializes in identifying and avoiding spam, scam, telemarketing, and robocalls. The caller id works even in offline mode. It can identify most unknown calls and show detailed caller names and regions of the incoming calls.

If you have marked a number as spam, it won’t even let your phone ring when that number is calling or pop a message when the number is sending messages.

It also has a simple and smart call recorder. It can automatically record any incoming and outgoing calls from both sides. You can also manage your recording files, listen to them, add notes, and share them.

Showcaller also has a premium version. There are no ads, no limited search times, and it automatically blocks spam calls in the premium plan.

Showcaller has a database of a billion phone numbers and has more than 50 million active users. It needs very little space to run and is extremely fast and reliable. It can be a great option to consider if you want an app like Truecaller.

Download for: Android, iOS

Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Hiya - Caller ID & Block

Hiya identifies the calls you want to take and blocks the numbers and texts you want to avoid. It blocks nuisance calls and blacklists unwanted phone numbers and SMS text messages.

Hiya has a good security system that alerts you from an unwanted phone number. You can also find an unknown number of messages in your Messages. It also enables businesses to connect with their customers and provide information for the same.

It also has a reverse phone lookup feature that lets you perform a search on an unknown number to determine if it is a nuisance, fraudulent, or a legitimate caller.

Hiya is free and is incredibly easy to use. It has a database of hundreds of millions of phone numbers, and millions of users use the app daily. These features make Hiya one of the best Truecaller alternative apps.

Download for: Android, iOS

CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Recording Calls

CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Recording Calls

CallApp is a caller id and phone call recording app. With the essential requirement of the identification of unknown numbers, it also has many features. These features are call recording, phone number lookup, blacklisting numbers, and customizing call numbers.

The automatic call recorder makes recording calls easier. You can record incoming and outgoing phone calls with ACR. You can also share the call recordings anywhere using the app itself.

CallApp identifies unknown numbers and blocks spam calls and messages. It has a phone number dialer and a reverse phone number search feature. It also has a T9 dialer that helps call your contacts’ phone numbers from your address book.

CallApp has been downloaded over 100 million times from Google Play Store. It has a vast user base that provides enough data to identify phones numbers accurately. It can be an excellent replacement for Truecaller.

Download for: Android

Eyecon: Caller ID, Calls, and Phone Contacts

Eyecon: Caller ID, Calls, and Phone Contacts

Another alternative to Truecaller is Eyecon. This application provides a picture phone book that lets you know important details of the callers. It also learns your communication preferences for every individual contact in your phone book.

It’s a simple application for both calling and messaging and automatically matches contacts to pictures. You can see pictures and names of unknown calls and contacts in your phone book by clicking their numbers.

With Eyecon’s visual caller ID, you can know who you’re speaking to before answering the phone or dialing a number. Its unique reverse lookup feature shows you the caller’s true identity, including their Facebook photos and more.

All these features make Eyecon is a good option if you want a Truecaller alternative app.

Download for: Android, iOS

True ID Caller Name: Caller ID, Call Block, SMS

True ID Caller Name

True ID Caller Name is a powerful caller ID app, call blocker, call recorder, and quick contact book, allowing fast access to contacts and phone dialer. It identifies callers’ true identities by letting users know the names and regions of unknown incoming calls.

It avoids spam and scam calls such as telemarketing and robocalls. It provides a phone number book that allows easy access to your contact list.

With the identification of calls, this application is also a phone number tracker. You can easily find the caller’s location and see the caller’s genuine id. This application also sends pictures, audio, and videos to friends and fast access to missed calls.

True ID Caller Name has a lot of unique themes. So, you can do many customizations to make your dialer look cool. The app is small in size and has more than 10 million downloads from Google Play Store. True ID is another app like Truecaller, which is a good substitute for it.

Download for: Android

Caller ID – Phone Dialer & Call Blocker

Caller ID - Phone Dialer & Call Blocker

Caller ID is an excellent app for identifying and blocking unwanted and spam calls. It displays the caller’s name and gets call details when you receive unknown calls.

Caller ID has an easy-to-use T9 dialer that helps users to make phone calls in the app directly. It has a detailed call history of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

Caller ID can automatically identify most of the unknown messages. It can block spam and telemarketing SMS via adding to the SMS blocker.

It can identify unknown calls and messages without internet access. It has offline databases in India, Egypt, Brazil, the USA & Saudi Arabia.

Caller ID has over 20 billion numbers of data from the global community. It has more than 20 million users across various platforms. Caller ID can be one of the best options if you are looking for a Truecaller alternative app.

Download for: Android

Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

Mr. Number - Caller ID & Spam Protection

Mr. Number is a dialer to block unwanted calls as well as identify and stop spam calls. It prevents telemarketing from wasting your time and intercepts private and unknown calls.

Mr. Number also sends voicemails to numbers and provides quite decent messaging features. It also looks up in your call history for blocked numbers, spam, and much more.

Mr. Number puts names to numbers when dialing out. It can block calls from one person, area code, or an entire country. Users can report spam calls to warn other users. The app automatically stops potential fraud and suspected spam calls.

It is a small app in size and has more than 10 million downloads from Google Play Store. Mr. Number is another app similar to Truecaller with its unique features.

Download for: Android, iOS

Viewcaller – Caller ID & Spam Block

Viewcaller - Caller ID & Spam Block

Viewcaller is all-in-one contact, dialer, call recorder application. Like the other applications, this application provides smart search, history viewing, and identification of unknown numbers.

It quickly searches numbers with names & numbers with a speed dialer and fixes your messy call logs. Viewcaller offers powerful phone call features that help you to know the person’s name behind an unknown number and avoid spam calls without wasting time.

Viewcaller also has a T9 dialer to search by names & numbers quickly. It can be an excellent substitute for Truecaller.

Download for: Android, iOS

Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: Drupe

Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: Drupe

Drupe is a phone dialer, caller id, and spam blocker application. It identifies spam numbers and blocks them. It tells us who is calling to control the calls. With all the basic features, it has also integrated with WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Duo, and many more.

You can dial, send text, record calls or reach anyone on your contact list using Drupe dialer. It has automatic call recording for incoming or outgoing calls.

The call identifier tracks spam calls and allows you to block them. It shows the details of telemarketers or unknown & private mobile numbers who called you.

You can add animated GIFs to your outgoing calls based on the context. You can organize your phonebook using Drupe, which solves the duplicate contacts issues. It also has contact-based reminders and missed calls manager.

The app has multiple language support that includes some local languages of various countries. Drupe has more than 20 million active users. It is one of the best Truecaller alternative apps for Android and iOS.

Download for: Android, iOS

Caller ID – Who Called Me, Call Blocker

Caller ID - Who Called Me, Call Blocker

Caller ID can identify unknown and private numbers. It also has a phone dialer that calls directly through the application and instantly blocks unwanted calls. It scans the unknown number from the call logs and identifies its region too.

Caller ID also helps you to identify spam, scam, and telemarketing calls. It blocks unwanted calls by adding them to the blacklist.

Caller ID is a straightforward and lightweight app, yet powerful. If you want to find a number detail, you can also try a phone number search in the Caller ID app. It has more than 30 million users. Caller ID is a good replacement app for Truecaller.

Download for: Android

Call Control – Call Blocker

Call Control - Call Blocker

Call Control is another application that looks up millions of numbers and identifies both unknown and spam callers. It has many features like do not disturb mode, SMS filter, blocked calls logbook, and much more. It blocks calls silently without you ever knowing that someone called.

Call Control is a super easy-to-use application and is free. It’s a powerful call blocker that automatically blocks all robocalls, telemarketers, and other spammers as they have an excellent community blacklist feature. Moreover, you can use the feature do not disturb and schedule when you don’t want to receive calls.

This application also has the feature of Online Sync and backup. It has more than 12 million active users. Call Control is another app similar to Truecaller, which you can consider if you don’t want to use Truecaller.

Download for: Android, iOS

Sync.ME – Caller ID, Spam Call Blocker & Contacts

Sync.ME - Caller ID, Spam Call Blocker & Contacts

Sync.ME is trusted by more than 20 million users worldwide and provides an extensive range of features. With the identification of unknown numbers, this application syncs the contacts with their social media profiles based on the received calls. Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, it blocks robocalls and spam calls using its reverse phone lookup technology.

You can also save your call recordings, find out who called you, choose different colors and themes for caller ID, and merge and backup your contacts. It also keeps your contacts updated using the latest picture from their social media profile and syncs the address book contacts.

Sync.ME can identify SMS and text messages of spam, telemarketers, and unknown caller ID. You can make a reverse phone number lookup for any spam text message.

The app can also find duplicate contacts and merge them in your address book by combining them into one.

Sync.ME is a good option for you if you are looking for Truecaller alternative apps.

Download for: Android, iOS

These are some of the best Truecaller alternative apps for Android and iOS.

Each has more or less the same features in all of them with some unique features. Some had the features of merging, backup, recording, and picture call logs.

But if you are looking for the basic caller ID features, you can opt for any of the apps mentioned above.

If you want some creativity and fun with your phone calls, you can use the apps like Sync.ME, Drupe, Eyecon, or Hiya.

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