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Best Wired Earphones Under 1000 in India (2021)

Looking for the best wired earphones under Rs 1,000? Check out these options


Wireless earbuds seem to be the new trend nowadays since they are witnessing massive popularity but the demand for wired earphones is still huge. Sure, the wireless earbuds give the freedom of mobility and you can easily move around without carrying your phone but there are many advantages of using wired earphones.

They are cheaper than wireless earbuds and offer decent audio quality. There is no audio latency or lag unlike the wireless counterparts, which can be sometimes very annoying, especially while playing games. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about losing or charging them, unlike those TWS earbuds.

So, we have compiled this list of top wired earphones under 1000. These earphones will work with any phone that has a 3.5mm audio jack.

Best Wired Earphones Under Rs 1,000 in India

1. JBL C200SI

JBL C200SI Super Deep Bass in-Ear Earphone with Mic

Price: ₹ 699

These earphones are absolute classics and look very similar to the older JBL C100SI. The sound quality is very similar too, but the newer JBL C200SI come in three new colour options.

The JBL C200SI sound very decent and has a very well balanced audio output. It has a single button for play/pause and taking calls.

The earbuds have a polycarbonate body with a metallic finish on top. These earphones are very lightweight and come with 3 sizes of ear tips.

Overall, the earphones are good enough in terms of build and audio quality, and you can’t go wrong with these if your budget is around Rs 1,000.

2. Sony MDR-EX150AP

Sony MDR-EX150AP Wired In-Ear Earphones

Price: ₹ 899

The Sony MDR-EX150AP deliver a very balanced sound with decent bass response. The audio clarity is also good too and doesn’t distort even at high volume.

These wired earphones are lightweight and come with an L-shaped connector for better durability. It has the usual one-button remote and a mic for hands-free calling support.

In terms of build quality, it is one of the best wired earphones under 1000.

3. 1MORE Piston Fit

1MORE Piston Fit Earphones

Price: ₹ 999

The 1MORE Piston Fit deliver a warm sound signature, features the usual one-button remote and mic for hands-free calling support.

The sound quality is good and, the vocals are warm and clear. However, the bass response is somewhat flat on these earphones.

The earbuds come in a metal housing and the overall build quality is one of the best that an earphone under Rs 1,000 can offer.

4. Sennheiser CX 180

Sennheiser CX 180 Earphones

Price: ₹ 849

Sennheiser CX 180 is one of the most popular earphones under the Rs 1000 category.

The earphones deliver a detailed and balanced sound with a punchier bass response. The Sennheiser CX 180 Street II doesn’t let bass drops dominate the highs and mids, unlike many other affordable earphones, thus creating a well-balanced audio output.

The earphones are very well built and come with an L-shaped connector for better durability, and less wear-tear. It comes with three sizes of ear tips. However, they lack a mic and a button remote for controlling music or taking calls.

So, you can go for these earphones if your only priority is sound quality and microphone is of no requirement for you.

5. Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones

Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones

Price: ₹ 599

As the name suggests, these dual-driver earphones from Xiaomi deliver a quality sound experience with the drivers delivering rich bass and crisp treble.

The design and build quality are decent enough and the earbuds have magnetic ends. There is a 3-button remote for better convenience and operability.

The sound quality on these earphones is detailed and doesn’t distort at higher volumes, but bass can be overpowering sometimes. So, if you like listening to hip-hop music and in general you enjoy higher bass, these earphones are for you.

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So these are the earphones which we found to be best under Rs 1000. This list of earphones should make your decision-making process a bit easier. And if you think that we have missed out on something, feel free to comment down below.


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