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Apple Health vs Samsung Health: Which one is for you?

The market is full of health and fitness apps so as their devices. In this guide, we compare the major fitness apps Apple Health and Samsung Health. Let us get into the details to know more about Apple Health vs. Samsung Health.

In recent years, the emergence of health and fitness apps has made it easier than ever for individuals to monitor and track various aspects of their health and fitness. With the help of devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and fitness trackers, individuals can now track everything from their daily step count and sleep patterns to their heart rate and oxygen levels.

One of the primary benefits of these apps is that they provide a central location for all of this data, making it easy to organize and analyze significant health measurables. This can be particularly useful for individuals who are trying to reach specific health goals, such as losing weight, improving fitness, or managing a chronic health condition.

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By tracking their progress over time, individuals can get a better sense of what works and what doesn’t and make any necessary adjustments to their lifestyle or treatment plan. While these apps can be very helpful for staying mindful of your overall health and well-being, they are not a substitute for the expertise and guidance of a healthcare professional.

If you have concerns about your health or are experiencing unusual symptoms, it’s always a good idea to consult with a doctor or other medical professional. They are the best equipped to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan based on your specific medical history and needs.

Apple Health vs Samsung Health: Which one is for you?

Apple Health vs. Samsung Health

Availability and basic features

Apple Health is only available on Apple devices. You cannot use it on other platforms like Android. In comparison, Samsung Health is available for both Android and iOS users.

You need to install Samsung Health manually on Android devices except for Samsung phones. Apple Health comes preinstalled on iPhones which you cannot uninstall even if you do not have any use for it.

Samsung Health is available for users with Android 8.0 and its latest versions and iPhone 5 and the latest phones.

On a basic level, both Apple Health and Samsung Health provide good tracking information on your health and the various activities you do. They can count the number of steps we take while walking, the number of floors we climb, exercises, and sleep patterns and quality.

You can even input your personal data like weight, water consumption routine, and menstruation timings and track them to have a good idea of your overall health.

Both Apple Health and Samsung Health let you know some advanced health indicators like blood pressure, glucose levels, heart rate, etc. You can see blood oxygen levels using the Apple Health app on Apple devices like Apple Watch Series 6 and 7.

The apps store your stats and health data to help you know them anytime you want. You can access data daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. The details of the data vary depending on the devices you use.


Apple Health interface
Apple Health interface

Apple Health app has a simple and intuitive interface with three main tabs: Summary, Sharing, and Browse.

In the Summary tab, you can find shortcuts to access their health stats and information, as well as your favorites, which are categories that you can customize based on your preferences.

The Summary tab also includes health trends, highlights, articles, and recommendations for other health and fitness apps.

The Sharing tab allows you to connect to your healthcare system to share information with your doctor or to set up permissions to share health information with friends and family.

The Browse tab is where you can access all available health categories and data. The amount of content in this tab will depend on what apps and accessories you have synced with the Apple Health app. This can include everything from calorie-tracking apps to audio exposure data from paired headphones.

You can also add categories from the Browse tab to their favorites in the Summary tab.

Samsung Health interface
Samsung Health interface

Samsung Health has a clean interface that is easy to navigate for everyone. The homepage contains four tabs, Home, Together, Fitness, and My Page. While using different tabs, you can see related web pages, workouts, and tips to motivate you to stay healthy and fit.

The Home tab contains all the statistics of data collected by the Samsung Health app with the device you have connected it with. You can get into different categories like sleep and exercise to see detailed analysis and information.

The Together tab is one of the different features of Samsung Health. You can share your data with your spouse or friend and track progress or compare the health metrics to stay focused on fitness goals.

The fitness tab contains a lot of resources that can help you stay fit according to your goals. You can find workouts, web links, training content, etc. It also contains mindfulness tools from Calm to continue with your mindfulness journey.

My Page tab is nothing but a profile page where all your achievements and badges are available to see. You can find your personal bests and weekly summaries there.

Unique features on Apple Health and Samsung Health

Both Apple Health and Samsung Health have some unique features. The unique features you find on Apple Health are missing on Samsung Health and vice versa.

Apple Health contains unique features like Medical ID, Sharing, Health Records, and Walking Steadiness.

Medical ID contains all the information related to your health conditions, issues and medications you are currently on, used in the past, blood group, etc. Healthcare workers can use this information to proceed with your treatment in case of emergencies. You can add some emergency contacts using the Medical ID feature on Apple Health, and those contacts will receive an emergency message with your location if you use the SOS button.

The Health Records feature helps you share your health records with doctors easily in case of emergencies. You can access the health records as long as your insurer or hospital is signed up for Health records.

The walking steadiness feature tracks the pattern of your walk and keeps an eye on the risks of falls. It assesses your health and sends notifications if there are any concerns with your health.

Coming to Samsung Health, there are unique features like Challenges, Exercises, Food, and Sleep.

The Challenges feature has some challenges made by Samsung to make you compete with users around the world on fitness goals. Each challenge comes with an incentive and badges and helps you reach your fitness milestones.

You can even create your own challenges and invite up to nine of your friends to participate.

The exercises feature contains a great list of exercises, workouts, cycling tips, etc. It contains a lot of information to help you stay fit by following a routine you are comfortable with.

The food feature helps you to track the food you take and the calories it contains. You can enter the food details manually using the huge food library available. It contains details of nutritional information, calories, and macronutrients of food you consume.

The Sleep feature is one of the best on the Samsung Health app as it not only tracks your sleep but provides detailed information on various stages of sleep and its quality. You can get a score on your sleep quality using this feature. It can even detect snores and provide data on oxygen levels in your blood.

Apple Health vs. Samsung Health: Which one should you choose?

Both Apple Health and Samsung Health apps are good in their own way. They only differ in a few features and their availability. If you are an Apple user, you cannot ignore the Apple Health app as it comes installed by default.

Samsung Health has a slight edge coming to its availability. It is available on both iOS and Android devices, and it can track your health easily, even if you change your device.

In the end, it all comes down to your needs, and you can choose which app serves you better in staying fit and healthy.

These are the differences we found between Apple Health and Samsung Health apps. If you have any suggestions or doubts, please comment below and let us know.

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