Sony Just Revealed the PlayStation 5: Everything you need to know


Sony just revealed their next generation of gaming consoles at its Future of Gaming event on June 11, with a release date confirmed for late 2020. They showed off the new upcoming PS5 (or PlayStation 5) near the end of the event, along with the new DualSense controller. However, there is no official announcement on the release date and the pricing of these new consoles.

The new design for the upcoming PS5 looks futuristic and modern with a black and white theme and blue accents.

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony also revealed a list of accessories such as Pulse 3D wireless headset, HD camera, controller charging station and a media remote, along with an upcoming line-up of games for the PS5. However, it’s unclear that these accessories or games will come bundled or if you have to buy them separately.

new design
(Image credit: Sony)

The PlayStation 5 will come in a standard variant with a Blu-ray drive and a Digital Edition without a disc drive. Digital Edition will have a slimmer look compared to the Blu-ray variant, and it will rely on your internet connection for downloads and streaming. The upcoming consoles will be based on a new custom made AMD 8 core CPU and a custom GPU and will come paired with SSDs for faster storage and load speeds. According to Sony, the new hardware will support 4K/8K at 120Hz. All these hardware features are looking exciting and promising!

PlayStation 5

Sony also confirmed that PS5 would be backwards compatible with PS4 games. But there is no word on whether it will support PS3, PS2 or other older games. According to an article on Wired, the next-gen gaming console will be based on PS4 architecture and will be backward compatible.

The company also announced a new line-up of exclusive games for the new consoles. There will be a sequel for Spider-Man, Resident Evil 8, and Horizon Forbidden West. These are all the games teased by Sony at the event.

PS5 reveal event was initially planned to be hosted on June 4, but Sony delayed it.

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