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Netflix Games is set to debut today for users on Android

Netflix remains one of the biggest content streaming platforms in the world today, with content across various genres and a presence in over 100 markets across the globe. The service comes bundled in many Smart TVs, and mobile users aren’t left behind either.

Basically, think of a popular platform out there today, and chances are if it has an internet connection and a screen, you can probably stream your Netflix content. As if we aren’t glued to Netflix enough, the company is now trying to diversify into another niche that’s been coming up in a big way, Gaming.

Yes, that’s right! Netflix is foraying into the gaming scene with the introduction of Netflix Games. With this new platform, Netflix subscribers on Android devices will see a section called “All mobile titles,” where you can download Android games for free through their Netflix subscription.

All this is set to start today, November 3, if the official release statement is anything to go by. Netflix also adds that the titles available at launch might be a little limited, but this is set to grow over time. These are the available titles right now.

  •  Stranger Things: 1984,
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game,
  • Shooting Hoops,
  • Card Blast, and
  • Teeter Up

While we haven’t had a chance to take these Netflix Games out for a spin, reports indicate that if you select an Android game in the Netflix app, you’ll be redirected to the Google Play Store, where you’ll download the game for free to your device.

Luckily, this isn’t just a feature that Netflix stapled on top of its mobile streaming app. The company has thought this through and there are safety measures built in place. For instance, these Netflix Games can’t be accessed through children’s profiles unless you use your PIN to authorize them.

It is also important to note that some of these games might work offline, but others will require an internet connection. You can also download these games on multiple devices, just as you have been doing with Netflix shows, with presumably the same limits applying depending on the Netflix Subscription that you’re on. Netflix Games promises there won’t be any in-app purchases in these games as there won’t be payment APIs supported.

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