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Best Clipboard Managers for Mac in 2024

We use note-taking apps for copying and pasting things, and the default clipboard on macOS is pretty basic for most stuff.

It only allows you to copy and paste only a selected piece of text at a time, and every time you copy something, it overwrites the previous item you copied.

On top of that, all items in the clipboard are erased after you restart your Mac.

This is where a good third-party clipboard app can come in handy.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from, so you won’t be disappointed in terms of choice.

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In this article, we have compiled a list of all the best clipboard manager apps you can use on your Mac.

Best Clipboard Managers for Mac in 2024

Best clipboard managers for Mac in 2024

1. Paste

Paste app on Mac

Paste is a popular clipboard app that you can download on your Mac. You can copy things like text, links, images, and files to store them in the app.

All the content that you copy will remain on the app, and you will be able to find it by simply searching for it.

To keep things organized, the app allows you to categorize your content with the help of pins. In addition to this, you can also copy and paste multiple items at the same time and paste content without formatting.

The best thing is that all the content that you store in the app can be synced to your iCloud account, so you can access them from any Apple device that you own.

It can be very handy as you just need to install one app to access your clipboard across all your devices.

Download Paste

2. Unclutter

Unclutter app on Mac

Unclutter is an all-in-one application that offers tons of features that help you minimize the clutter on your desktop.

You can store everything, such as your notes, temporary files, and clipboard entries, in a single place with the app.

The clipboard feature of this app is better than some of the apps listed in this article, as it allows you to organize all the stored entries while providing a star button to save your favorite clips so you can easily access them in the future.

You can copy and store anything in it, such as texts, links, images, code, etc., and assign a hotkey to easily access it from the menu bar.

The Filehub feature lets you store all of your temporary files safely in a locker, while the notepad can be used to quickly jot down important information. Unclutter is a really great all-in-one app that goes beyond the features offered by traditional clipboard managers.

Download Unclutter

3. CopyClip 

CopyClip app on Mac

CopyClip is a simple and easy-to-use clipboard manager app that you can access from the macOS menu bar.

It has a basic interface, making it a good choice for those looking for a no-frills, user-friendly clipboard app. Thanks to its location in the menu bar, you will be able to access your copied content from anywhere on your Mac.

You can also set the number of clips that the app can store and even exclude apps in which you don’t store content.

While the app is free to use, it is supported by advertisements, so if you don’t like them, you will need to purchase the ad-free version called CopyClip 2. This paid version will remove all ads while adding some additional features such as hotkey support, search, customizations, and touch bar support.

Download CopyClip

4. Copy ‘Em

Copy 'Em app on Mac

Copy ‘Em is a really good clipboard manager app that offers plenty of advanced features for Mac.

It lets you copy everything, including text, images, files, HTML, code snippets, and other file formats.

You can also copy files and paste items in batches, take screenshots, turn the recording on or off, store data permanently, and use shortcuts on the keyboard to paste frequent snippets.

The app also allows you to sort and organize things by labeling them and putting them into different lists to help you find them quickly.

Copy ‘Em offers plenty of themes, so you can customize the app according to your liking.

It also allows you to export and sync all the data via iCloud so you can access them from all of your devices.

Download Copy ‘Em

5. Flycut

Flycut app on Mac

Flycut is an open-source clipboard manager app that is aimed at developers and is based on another clipboard manager called Jumpcut, which is also open-source but offers some extra features.

Similar to CopyClip, it can be accessed through the menu bar and lets you store up to 100 clippings.

It also has an option to automatically delete any duplicate copies of your clips, helping you make your clipboard cleaner and organized.

You can set the maximum number of clips that you can store and use the hotkey commands to navigate through the stored clippings in the app.

It also provides an option to back up your clipboard contents to Dropbox so you can access it on other devices.

Download Flycut

These are some of the best clipboard managers that you can use on your Mac. They will help you enhance your productivity, helping you to do your work easily and effectively.

We recommend you go with the one that best suits your needs and opt for a free trial before making a purchase so you can try the software first before spending your money.

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