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WhatsApp adds three new features aimed at improving chat experience

WhatsApp recently announced on Twitter that it was adding three new features to the service that would significantly improve the overall chat experience. The new features include a desktop photo editor, link previews, and sticker suggestions.

WhatsApp adds three new features aimed at improving chat experience

The most useful of them all is the ability to preview links in the chat. While this will definitely help those who work with a lot of links, it will also make users think twice before clicking on anything suspicious.

With spam being a prevalent issue on the platform ever since its launch, this is a huge step in the right direction if WhatsApp wants to combat harmful links. It is interesting to note that Telegram already has the feature.

Sticker Suggestions

Similar to emote suggestions, Stick Suggestions will recommend stickers based on what you type in the chatbox. WhatsApp said it is better than emote suggestions.

While this will work pretty well when using stickers by WhatsApp, it might be a bit off with third-party sticker packs. Again, it looks like WhatsApp is inspired by Telegram when it comes to the addition of new features.

Desktop Photo Editor

Last but not least, WhatsApp is adding a desktop editor to the WhatsApp Desktop app. The new editor will allow users to add text and stickers to their images. Other functionalities include the ability to crop images and rotate photos amongst many more. It is also available on the WhatsApp web.

It looks like the aforementioned new features are already rolling out with the latest version of WhatsApp, so make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

What do you think of the new WhatsApp features? Is any of them useful to you? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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