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PlayStation 5 Price and Release Date leak was Fake, says Amazon

  • A screenshot showing PS5 listing on Amazon surfaced on the internet.
  • The product was listed for €499 and had a release date of November 20.
  • Amazon has confirmed that this image showing PS5 listing was faked.

A few days ago, an image surfaced on the internet showing a screenshot of the upcoming new PlayStation 5 listed on Amazon for €499. Twitter user Ben Geskin claimed that he noticed that listing and shared a screenshot of the product.

Amazon later stated that this image was faked.

“The screenshot showing a PS5 product page on amazon.fr with a price of 499€ and a release date on November 20 is a fake and is not coming from our website,” an Amazon France spokesperson told TechRadar.

This is one of the few examples, why we should never trust these leaks blindly. Sony has not yet announced the price and release date for the upcoming PlayStation 5. Hopefully, we will find out more soon.

Microsoft may announce more details on the upcoming Xbox Series X in the July event, which will be a huge price deciding factor for the PlayStation 5. So, stay tuned for that. Also, let us know your thoughts about these new upcoming consoles in the comment section below.

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