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PUBG Mobile coming back in India soon – Confirmed!

PUBG Mobile was one of the most popular multiplayer battle royale games in India. However, the Government of India banned the game over the privacy issues of Indian users.

Now, it has been confirmed that PUBG Mobile will be coming back to India soon. It is excellent news of relief for PUBG fans as well as the game streamers community.

The main concern regarding the game’s ban was that the data of the Indian users were stored on servers located in foreign countries, mainly China. As the users’ data went outside the country, the Indian government considered it unsafe and a violation of privacy. Hence, the government decided to ban PUBG Mobile and other Chinese apps, which were deemed dangerous.

PUBG had a vast user base in India. The company faced huge losses due to the ban of the game in the country. Since then, PUBG Corporation has been in close contact with some Indian companies to set up servers. So, if the data of all the Indian users will be stored within the country, then the ban will be lifted once the government ensures that the data is stored securely and the user’s privacy is safe.

There are rumours that the PUBG corporation informed some Indian video game streamers that the ban on the game might lift soon. Yesterday, many popular game streamers posted on their Instagram stories about something big coming by the end of the year. Hence, it is assumed that the big thing might be PUBG Mobile finally coming back to India.

According to some other rumours, PUBG corporation has been in close talks with Airtel and Paytm about setting up a service in India that has reached advanced stages. We hope that soon there will be an official announcement from the company itself. As soon as there is any major announcement, we will update; till then, fingers crossed.

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