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Qualcomm Announces Quick Charge 5: Full Battery in less than 15 minutes

Qualcomm recently announced the new commercial charging technology Quick Charge 5. With the promise of being the fastest in the world, the technology claims to be the first that supports more than 100W globally.

The solution is 70% more efficient than its predecessor and is designed to fill 0% to 50% of a battery in just 5 minutes. The company claims that it can fill the entire battery at full load in less than 15 minutes.

“Quick Charge 5, our fastest and most versatile charging solution, will allow consumers to enjoy their devices for longer periods, without worrying about the time needed to recharge. We are proud to expand our technology portfolio and make charging greater than 100W affordable and a commercial reality. ”

Ev Roach
Vice President of Products for Qualcomm Technologies

Quick Charge 5

With support for 2S batteries and 20V power delivery, the Quick Charge 5 charges the phone up to four times faster than the Quick Charge 4, or up to 10 times compared to the first generation of technology.

Quick Charge 5 is optimized to take advantage of both USB-PD and Type-C technologies, offering 100W capabilities in the same footprint as a 45W accessory.

Even though the charging voltage is much higher, Qualcomm claims that QC5 runs 10-degrees Celsius cooler than its predecessor. Also, the technology comes equipped with voltage, current, and temperature protection features for safety.

The new solution incorporates Qualcomm’s Battery Saver and Smart Identification of Adapter Capabilities standard to further extend the smartphone’s battery life. Quick Charge 5 is backwards compatible with Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.0+, and existing devices on the market.

Quick Charge 5 technology is already supported on Snapdragon 865, Snapdragon 865+, and upcoming chipsets from Qualcomm will come pre-equipped with QC5 support.

Currently, Qualcomm is testing the Quick Charge 5 solution and is expected to hit the market in the upcoming 2-3 months.

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