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PUBG Mobile going to be banned in India?

The Government of India is considering a ban on the immensely popular PUBG mobile and other 200+ apps. After the heated banning of Chinese apps like TikTok, Mi community, Helo app, etc. The government of India is on a streak of completely removing suspicious apps from the Indian digital world. Reasons being, National Security and serious Privacy concerns.

PUBG Mobile going to be banned in India?

But why PUBG mobile?

PUBG has 2 versions, the PC version and the mobile version called the PUBG mobile. The PUBG mobile was sold to Tencent (a Chinese origin company) for a controlling stake. Although the game was originally developed by a South Korean company called Bluehole for the PC version, PUBG was then sold to Tencent to develop the mobile version. And being a Chinese creation is what brought PUBG mobiles under the government’s radar and is now under consideration of a future ban. Not to forget, PUBG has a vast user base in India with over 175 million downloads. And this can be a piece of heartbreaking news for the PUBG lovers out there.

There is an evident craze in India for PUBG; people are hooked on this game, be it students, working professionals. There are other alternatives, and this news would bring good news to those alternative game companies, for example, Call of Duty, Free Fire, and many more will come to light as this debate over the PUBG mobile ban has picked up the heat.

A nightmare for PUBG players but comes as a relief to the frustrated parents. Let’s take a look at how Netizens welcomed this news with memes.

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The government, however, is reviewing the matter, and PUBG mobile will also get a chance to put their side on the table, but in case the app gets banned, more companies will enter the market with similar gameplay. It’s up to the players how they’d welcome other alternatives. Stay tuned to our page as we will be coming up with a list of PUBG alternatives.

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