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OnePlus Nord: 5G + 4G support will be enabled with a future OTA

OnePlus Nord launched a couple of days ago after a big hype, and now, it has already started receiving new software updates. Some features did not come along with the stock version of OxygenOS, which OnePlus will undoubtedly push or have already begun pushing to the device.

While other features like 4K recording from the rear camera are being added, a key feature was mentioned on the OnePlus website is supposed to roll out with a future OTA. This feature is the Dual 5G + 4G. As of now, the device only can run with either a single 5G network or a dual 4G network. Take a look at the official word:

Source: OnePlus

It is a known fact that the chipset used in OnePlus Nord is 5G capable. The only miss here is the dual 5G support. With future advancements in the 5G network in India and other nations, this will get important to have both the sim slots capable of running 5G simultaneously.

This news can be taken as good news for the folks who are planning to buy this device. With OnePlus’ great support in terms of UI updates, many such features can be enabled in the future. It won’t be long till 5G arrives, and OnePlus doesn’t want users to be left gawking. They are prepared, or I should say ‘preparing’!

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